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COVID-19 Response

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Social Distancing When Possible

Daily Temperature Checks

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A message from our high-quality, certified cleaners:

“Frequency Cleaning Services is happy to provide care and cleaning of all occupied facilities. We use effective yet harm free products by way of super Sani cloth, which are disposable sanitizing wipes, all-purpose cleaner with bleach and Maverick ready to use all-purpose cleaner. These products are applied to all surfaces to disinfect and sanitize all areas occupied by staff and students. Once applied to the area and/or surface, it will be deep cleaned by way of steam cleaning and detailed by hand. All areas and surfaces are handled with care and time to see that it is sanitized and disinfected 100%. Our number 1 priority is cleanliness & safety, while also creating an environment for all to dwell in naturally & confidently.” 

Masks Required

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