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Nuestros programas

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​Audrey Johnson

Ubicado en el vecindario Bushwick de Brooklyn, Audrey Johnson es un centro de aprendizaje temprano muy querido que ha ayudado a los niños pequeños a aprender y crecer durante más de 45 años.

272 Moffat Street
Brooklyn, NY 11207
Teléfono: 718-574-0130

Coney Island


LIFE Coney Island Learning Center is located in the heart of Coney Island.  The center is full of laughter, love, and learning every day.  

Education Director:  Zaynah Rahman


2757 West 33rd Street
Brooklyn, NY 11224

John Coker


The John Coker Early Learning Center is a lively and friendly center located in the neighborhood of Bushwick, Brooklyn. 

Education Director: Ronalee Hodge


1375 Bushwick Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11207


Jonathan Williams


Located in the neighborhood of Williamsburg, Life-Jonathan Williams  is an early childhood program designed to meet the developmental needs of children, ages 2-5 years old. In a nurturing, child-centered environment, children begin to discover the world outside home and family and learn about themselves in the context of a community of peers.

Education Director:  Marsha McKoy


321 Roebling Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211

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